Thursday, September 27, 2007


Persuasion...that's the title of my latest painting. And, I guess it's appropriate.

Sometime last week I started to work on this particular canvas. I poured on the paints, scrubbed some areas out, added metallics and iridescents - anything that I thought would add the spark of life to the rather bland, dull canvas. Finally, tired of working on it, I moved on to another painting and just set the canvas in the corner.

Walking into my studio this morning, I saw the painting in an entirely new light. Rather than gessoing the poor thing, I decided to continue adding to it until it started coming to life. I guess that in some way the painting persuaded me to continue to work on it. As I added new elements and refined others, suddenly I realized that it was going to be a success.

I guess every artist has those "ah-ha"moments. They say a painting can speak to you...and I think this one did!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dragon Street Art Walk

I am a member of a local group of artists in the north Tarrant County area of Texas. The group was formed nearly two years ago with the intent of bringing together some of the professional artists in the area and of presenting our works to the public. After some debate, we decided to call ourselves A.R.T.S., an acronym that stands for "Association of Regional Texas Artists".

We have had several successful shows in the area and have had quite a bit of interest from other artists seeking membership in our group. One of our challenges is to try to locate suitable venues for our upcoming shows. One of our members, Bryan Wetzel, has made connections with the members of the design district in Dallas. He himself is a talented furniture maker and painter. Thanks to his efforts, we are looking forward to taking part in an artwalk that is scheduled for Friday, November 2. This event is destined to attract large crowds of interested art collectors and interior designers.

Our group will be displaying our works at the Pettit Co. at 1215 Slocum St. Pettit carries an extensive inventory of unique European furnishings and accessories. They are also know for massive carved fireplaces and other fine home accessories.

I will update this blog with further information about this event.


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