Thursday, September 27, 2007


Persuasion...that's the title of my latest painting. And, I guess it's appropriate.

Sometime last week I started to work on this particular canvas. I poured on the paints, scrubbed some areas out, added metallics and iridescents - anything that I thought would add the spark of life to the rather bland, dull canvas. Finally, tired of working on it, I moved on to another painting and just set the canvas in the corner.

Walking into my studio this morning, I saw the painting in an entirely new light. Rather than gessoing the poor thing, I decided to continue adding to it until it started coming to life. I guess that in some way the painting persuaded me to continue to work on it. As I added new elements and refined others, suddenly I realized that it was going to be a success.

I guess every artist has those "ah-ha"moments. They say a painting can speak to you...and I think this one did!

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MikeyRay said...

I love this painting Filomena! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Keep stopping in for updates soon!


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