Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting Inspired Again!

Being an artist can sometimes be a lonely job. Don't get me wrong, I certainly prefer being alone in my studio than working in an office cubicle or back in the classroom again. But, occasionally getting together for good food, great art talk and lots of laughs is just what the doctor ordered.
It was a real treat to get together recently with three of my artist friends for lunch at Kim Norris' lovely home. Her gardens and pottery studio are truly inspiring. These get-togethers are great opportunities for us to share lots of ideas on art and art marketing. I'm always impressed by the variety of work and extent of talent my friends possess. Nancy Medina's floral oil paintings are truly beautiful and Judy Mackey's little oil landscapes are absolute gems! I always feel artistically refreshed after our visits.
I started working on three paintings today and was able to complete Solitude. It measures 24"x24" on .75" deep gallery-wrap canvas. Metallic bronze and heavy texture accents make this a unique work. It is available for a short time on Ebay.


Judy Mackey said...

Hi Fil,
Thank you for mentioning me! How nicely put - artistically refreshed! Yes, our get-togethers are just that - that is exactly what I feel, a shot of artful energy. Happy painting!


Nancy and the fatties said...

Beautiful work Fil. I feel like fall is finding its way into your favorite time of year. It was great seeing you. I have already found a good use for the special gifts you shared with us! thank you so much


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