Friday, October 1, 2010

Almost There

Almost There
Acrylic on Canvas

Every time I start a new painting, it's almost like re-learning every step each time.  I think that because I approach each painting in a different manner, without a preconceived notion in mind, it gives me the freedom to experiment with new ways of doing things.  

In this painting, I applied paint freely to the canvas.  I used whatever was leftover on my palette from the last painting, my only concern being to establish the composition and structure of the painting.  As soon as paint is applied, the fear of the dreaded "white" space disappears.  I continued to build up the paint layers, each time adding textural elements and wiping out areas to expose under layers of color.  It's a slow process but eventually the structure of the painting begins to emerge from the amorphous and undefined "blob".  At this point, I begin to more carefully emphasize certain elements that appeal to me.  When, finally, I reach the point where I know that there is no more that can be added or subtracted, the painting is finished.

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Filomena de Andrade Booth
Texas Contemporary Abstract Painter

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