Monday, April 30, 2018

Contemporary Modern Abstract Art Paintings by Filomena de Andrade Booth

Night Song
30" x 30" x 1.5"
Acrylic on canvas

Last week I had the opportunity to work with another talented artist in my 3 Day Private Abstract Painting Workshop.  I always like to start the session by demonstrating my painting techniques.  I warn my students ahead of time that because I really don't start off with a definite idea in mind, my painting may not turn out.  They've seen me struggle as I bring a painting into completion and every once in a while, I fail.  But, I never give up.  There's always some gesso handy to cover up the "mess" and start over.  I remind my students that there are no mistakes, just happy accidents!

Night Song is the painting I did as a demo last week.  The colors in this work are vibrant and are accented with metallic gold paint.  My goal was to demonstrate layering techniques and the use of water to create visual texture.

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