Saturday, July 25, 2020

Modern, Contemporary Landscape, Seascape and Floral Paintings by Florida Artist Filomena Booth

Living in the Twilight Zone

These are certainly very strange, bizarre times we are all experiencing today.  It seems that every day brings a new challenge that throws us all off balance and makes us wonder how much more we'll be able to take.  Last night's news announced that proof of extraterrestrial visitation is about to be revealed!  As if all the recent events haven't been enough, now are we going to have to deal with something much more advanced and powerful than humanity? 

I think I'll just crawl back into my studio and crank the music up!

As artists, our studios are our secret getaway places where we  create our own world and shut out the chaos around us.  In spite of all that is happening, I have still been able to get in there to paint.   As I reviewed my latest blogs, I realized that it's been a very long time since I posted some of my latest works.  So here they are...I hope they bring some peace and serenity to your lives.

Blue Vase

Floral Cascade

Garden Bounty

These are just some of my new paintings.  I'll post more in my next blog.

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