Thursday, October 11, 2007

Momentary Reflection

Finally, today I was able to spend the entire day in the studio without having to run errands, make phone calls or any of the other trivia that seems to fill my days.

I started this painting a couple of days ago but today I spent the time refining the design and building up the subtle layers of glazed color. It's a constant process of adjustment. Just when one area looks finished, I have to go back and "balance" it out with another areas of the painting. After several hours of this, I finally felt that I could pronounce it "finished".

Every artist goes through the same struggles nursing their works along, until finally, the image that once only resided in the brain has been transferred to the canvas, clay or what ever medium of choice. I like to always leave my options open because sometimes I don't have a preconceived idea of what the finished painting will look like. Those moments of serendipity when everything comes together are the times when I feel that the struggle was definitely worth the trouble.

I hope you'll visit my website to see this painting and the many others I have available.

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