Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Critical Mass

Sometimes working on a particular project for a member of the family is more difficult than working on a commission for a stranger. One is never entirely sure that they are being truthful about the work or just being polite.
I finished this painting yesterday as a gift for my son and his wife. They just completed extensive remodeling at their home and I felt that offering them a new painting would be in order. After getting an idea of what they wanted, I began to work on Critical Mass, a three-panel painting measuring 48"x72". My daughter-in-law wanted something bold and vibrant in hot tropical colors to compliment their Florida home. The colors in the home are warm neutral tones and she wanted something that would be a focal point in the room.
Well, I definitely feel I accomplished that with this painting.
To get in the mood to paint something that would reflect the movement and energy that was needed for this painting, I decided to listen to music that would put me in the right frame of mind. Thank goodness for Oscar Lopez and his Seduction. As soon as the strains of his guitar started, I literally began to dance in rhythm to the music. My hand flew across the canvas as I drew in the composition. Before long, I had the "bones" of the painting pretty much established and was ready to start painting. I added textural elements as well as metallic silverleaf accents - one of the prerequisites of the painting.
I'm pretty happy with the result and after emailing some images to my son and his wife, I know that they are too.
I'll have to check out what other CDs Oscar has out. If you've never heard him, I hope you'll listen to some clips from Seduction. You'll be dancing too!
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colorspeaker said...

This is a fresh new use of colors and imagery, not to mention energy. Very nice.
I am so glad you are blogging again. Thank you for putting me on your link-list. Very thoughtful of you. I would love your honest (only if you have the time, no pressure), thoughts on two paintings i just put on my blog.
This painting of yours is a beautiful gift to yur son. You've done it again.
My humble regards,
julianne richards

MikeyRay said...

Music is definitely necessary for me when I'm working on something.
I did finish my painting, thanks so much for the motivation FIlomena! Larger canvases are in the future!


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