Monday, December 10, 2007

Old becomes new again

22"x30" mixed watermedia on paper
While cleaning out my studio this morning, I opened an old portfolio that had been sitting in the corner since we moved to this house nearly four years ago. I pulled out this painting that I had done back in 2003. It's a mixed media on watercolor paper. Back then I was doing alot of this type of work - and I may go back to it one of these days.

I love the detail in this painting. I remember that I used a clear wax crayon to create some resist areas. While trying to get the wax off with a heat gun, the melted wax spread into other areas and created an interesting effect when I layered other colors over it.

Yesterday I decided to purchase a set of photographic flood lamps and tripods. Up until now I was setting my work on an easel and depending on the sunlight that floods my studio to provide ample light for a good picture. Unfortunately, these short winter days have made it difficult to shoot a good picture. It was taking too much of my time to try to adjust the colors with Photoshop. Anyway, I discovered that the lamps certainly make my life easier and now my pictures are truer to the original.

I just uploaded this image to Fine Art America, a really neat website that any artist would want to know about. Prints of this and other images are now available. You can have a print of this painting on paper or canvas. You can even order mats and frames through this website. How neat is that?

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