Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy
Acrylic on Canvas

If you know my work, you know that I don't normally paint flowers. Yesterday, as I was trying to salvage an abstract that was on this huge canvas, I found that my usual tricks and techniques just weren't working. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood to paint. When this happens, I usually resort to completely freeing myself from any preconceived plans or ideas.

I started to apply my paints in a heavier, more painterly manner. At first it dawned on me that I might be wasting alot of paint and that I'd end up gessoing the whole thing. But, stubburn as I am, I kept plugging along. Suddenly, something in the lower right corner of the canvas drew my interest. It looked like a flower of some kind!

I decided to go with that. Sometimes the muse whispers in our ear and we need to pay attention. I grabbed a pencil and started drawing floral shapes into the still wet paint. After doing a little negative painting, painting around and between the shapes, the whole image began to come into focus. I stepped back and decided that I liked what I saw!

I don't know if this particular painting is the start of a new trend. Probably not, but it was sure fun painting it!

I have the painting listed on eBay right now but if it doesn't sell I might just find a place for it in my own home.


Kim said...

I have just found you wonderful blog and love your work! This post is so inspiring as it makes me want to unearth some of my old things. I am also eager to hear how your lighting works out for your photography...I seem to have the same issue right now.

Filomena de Andrade Booth said...

Hi Kim,
Yes, go dig out those old paintings...they're bound to bring new inspiration.

I don't know why I didn't purchase those lights sooner! I find that the colors in the images are much more accurate with less "Photoshopping"!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fil - what a beautiful floral. It reminds me of a silk painting! Keep up the good work!
Nancy Medina


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