Sunday, January 13, 2008

Part II of Commissioned Work

Eternal II
Acrylic on Canvas

This is the second painting in the commissioned pair for the Boston client. She wanted an "organic", flowing feel to the painting.

When I discuss a new project with a designer or client, I usually ask what kind of "feel" are they looking for. Many times they will be able to describe the mood they are trying to create in the room. This is as important to me as the size and color of the piece and helps me get into the right "zone" as I begin to create the new work.

I also discuss the business end of the project with the client before submitting a final proposal. Commissions require more work on the part of the artist because there are many specifications that need to be met and, of course, final approval by the client. Because of this, I don't think any artist should even think about starting the project without a good monitary committment from the client. I usually request that a deposit of 50% be made before beginning the project. I always send several images to the client's approval - just to make sure that we're both on the same page.

Delivery day is the final and most exciting step! Setting up the art in the home always amazes me. A painting that may appear "blah" in my studio suddenly takes on a new life in the correct setting. Colors that coordinate or complement the painting jump out and pull the whole room together. The buyer's happy reaction is always the most rewarding part of working on a commission!

Please share your experiences with commissioned work!

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Kim said...

Filomena, this is a very beautiful piece. I love the way you can capture such a spirit in this work! You client is quite fortinuate indeed. I totally agree with you about asking for 50% before you even being a commission.

I will be visiting your blog regularly.


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