Sunday, January 13, 2008

Working on Commissions


I've recently had several requests for commissioned paintings. I just completed two new paintings for a client in Boston. The pair will flank a fireplace in a formal living room. I've worked with this particular client in the past and find that she loves to combine bold abstracts with her more traditional furnishings.

Some artists shy away from commissioned work, and with good reason. There are some clients who like to micromanage the entire process, placing alot of pressure on the artist. I've been fortunate in that the clients I've worked with have allowed me plenty of creative leeway. In fact, I enjoy the challenge of working with specific requirements, as long as I'm given enough creative freedom.

I'm wondering how many other artists out there do commissioned work and how they handle the process. I'll continue this discussion in another post and hope to get feedback from my fellow artists.

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