Wednesday, March 23, 2011

YUPO and where the heck does the time go? Filomena de Andrade Booth

Acrylic on YUPO

It's been a long time since I posted anything on my blog, and I didn't want you to think that I had somehow fallen off the planet.  Visits from family, normal every-day obligations and probably some laziness has played a part in keeping me away from contributing anything new to this blog.  Spring is also here and all those chores associated with getting the gardens ready have also played a huge role in my absence.

Anyway, while looking through my files, I came across some paintings that I had done on YUPO a while back.  If you have never tried this amazing product, I hope you will some day.  YUPO is actually a synthetic plastic material that was originally used to make tough, tear-proof labels.  I suppose some poor artist accidentally dumped his watercolors on packing material he had laying around in the studio and discovered the amazing properties of YUPO.  Because the paint isn't absorbed into the material, it can dance around on the surface, drying in interesting puddles and shapes.  Many artists work in watercolor but I prefer fluid acrylics, which stained the material permanently and can't be manipulated when dry.

 Click here to see a video of Florida artist, Taylor Ikin's painting technique.
Here is a great "how-to" demonstration by Carly Clements.

Filomena de Andrade Booth
Texas Contemporary Abstract Artist


Martha Kisling said...

Love you painting on yupo. I have some in my studio but have not tried it yet - thanks for the push!

Judy Mackey said...

Lol - sometimes I think I fall off the planet when I come to blogging. I need to do better! Love this painting, Fil - it's rich!!


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