Saturday, March 10, 2018

Contemporary Modern Abstract Art Paintings by Filomena de Andrade Booth

The title of this painting, Letting Go, pretty much says it all.  I had started another painting as a demo for my private workshop student.  As I worked, I found that the painting started going in a direction I didn't want it to go.  It was starting to develop into a floral and that's not exactly what I wanted.  I fought it for a bit and even tried to go along with it, but I wasn't happy.  It had become very "tight" and I wanted it to be loose and spontaneous.  My only solution was to grab the gesso, a big brush and set it aside for another day.  

I didn't want my student to think I was a quitter, so I got another prepared canvas and started to paint big, loose strokes.  As I continued to work, the composition evolved as I followed the direction the painting was leading me into.  Sometimes we just need to let go!

Letting Go
36" x 36" x 1.5"
Acrylic painting on textured canvas

Letting Go measures 36" x 36".  This heavily textural, acrylic modern art abstract painting is stretched on 1.5" gallery wrap canvas.  The 1.5" sides are painted in a shimmery gray/black Micaceous Iron Oxide.  Only the finest professional artist materials were used in the creation of this work.    The painting is signed on the side, dated and signed on the back.  It is wired and ready to hang.  A light coat of clear acrylic varnish has been applied to seal and protect the beauty of this painting. 

Original 2018 

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