Monday, April 14, 2008

Give Me A Sign

Give Me A Sign
Acrylic on Canvas

Sometimes finding a title for a painting is more difficult than actually painting it. I always try to find a title that somehow expresses what the painting is trying to say. With abstract art, that may not always be clear. But, I think I may have discovered something that helps me come up with a good title...and, I'll share it with you!

I love to listen to music when I paint. There's something about the rhythm or beat that helps to loosen me up as I paint. Almost any type of music is great, but I love country. Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn , George Jones and other country oldies are fun to listen to. The stories they sing about tell tales of lost loves, drinking or "walking the line" - what ever that means. Most of the story lines are pretty sappy but still fun to listen to.

Anyway, when I'm stumped for a title, I listen to the music that's on my radio and usually a phrase or word jumps out. I forgot the name of the song that "Give Me a Sign" came from, but it was playing on my radio when I finished the painting.

Just wondering, how do you come up with a title for your paintings?

This painting will be available on eBay for a short time.

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1 comment:

Judy Mackey said...

I love this piece!! I have trouble finding great titles and I think titles do help to sell a painting. This is a good title!


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