Thursday, April 10, 2008

Loosening up with YUPO

Far and Away
26" x 40"
Acrylic on Yupo

Several years ago, I attended a workshop and was introduced to a marvelous new material. Actually, Yupo is not really "new" but had been discovered as a new painting surface by artists. Yupo is a synthetic film that is completely water resistant. Paint literally floats on the surface, forming little rivulets and puddles as it dries. It can be quite difficult to paint on but it is certainly exciting because the outcome is sometimes hard to predict.

A few days ago, I decided to pull out a large sheet of Yupo and experiment with various ways of applying color. I flooded the surface with water and then started to "paint" in the color using sponges and brushes. By lifting and moving the Yupo, the fluid color began to run and merge, forming interesting textures as it dried. I dried off areas that had not completely dried, exposing the white surface again. I allowed the Yupo to dry completely and continued the process of layering transparent glazes of color until I was pleased with the result.

This large, 26"x40", painting will need to be matted and framed but will become a very impressive addition to any home or office decor. It is available for sale on eBay and BoundlessGallery.

Please visit my website to see my entire portfolio of original contemporary abstract paintings.

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