Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Distant Memories

Distant Memories
Acrylic on Canvas

I decided yesterday to break away from the usual color palette I've been using for a while. I seem to have gotten into neutrals and earthtones lately. As I looked at my wide selection of paints, I decided on a monochromatic color scheme accented with bronze metallics.

I started out by texturing the canvas with a heavy coat of gesso. Using a notched tool, I scratched and scraped texture into the still wet gesso. When the surface was completely dried, I began painting in washes of turqouise and umber. After applying stamped elements and spattering with water, I was able to see the structure of the painting begin to develop. I applied a thin veil of diluted gesso to create more texture and then continued to add more color glazes. I think the metallic bronze "frame" helped pull the whole painting together.

I have "Distant Memories" available for sale right now on eBay. You can see my entire portfolio on my website.

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Graciela said...

Dear friend,
I find your blog on Fine art america general blog.
I've visited your site and I really
appreciate your textures.
This change of colours looks fine.
These changes keep our artworks alive!
Graciela Bello.


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