Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Commission

Tribute II
Mixed-media on canvas
18"x18" each

I completed this painting today for a buyer who had purchased a painting from me recently. He decided to commission this pair based on a painting he saw on my website. It was a real treat to spend the entire day in the studio with few interruptions...finally.
I love to use scraps of rice paper, skeletanized leaves and other bits of materials I've collected over the years. Most artists are packrats. We hate to throw anything away that might be incorporated into a painting sometime in the future. As a result, we end up with massive amounts of material that most people would have discarded long ago. Searching through my storage boxes of these "treasures" brings back memories and inspires ideas for more new works.

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Nancy Medina said...

Hi Fil, Tribute II is just beautiful, and I also love the work on your Web site "Critical Mass." It's featured on Informed Collector today!
Nancy and the puggies

Filomena de Andrade Booth said...

Thanks Nancy!


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