Thursday, May 8, 2008

Picking up again...

Golden Sunset
Acrylic on Canvas

As usual, life has gotten in the way. Family visits, sick parents, etc. have prevented me from my usual schedule of painting, blogging and sending out my monthly newsletter. But, that's the way things go. We have to put first things first.

A couple of weeks ago I completed a pair of abstacted seascapes for an art dealer I frequently work with. She was impressed with the outcome, as was her client. Actually, I was too and decided to add something new to my usual repertoire. I've been working on a series of seascapes and "Golden Sunset" is the most dramatic one so far. It reminds me of the glorious Florida sunsets we used to enjoy nearly every evening. Every night, as the sun was setting, nature would dazzle us with a spectacular light show. Now that we live here in Texas, I miss those daily displays but not the oppressive humidity and mosquitos.

I'm hoping for a free day without interruptions today and maybe even a lovely Texas sunset.

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1 comment:

JudyMackeyart said...

Hi Fil,
Love the sunset painting. The colors are fantastic!



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