Friday, May 23, 2008

New Works on Yupo

Yupo is an amazing material to paint on. I know that it was "accidentally" discovered by some poor artist who must have run out of watercolor paper. It is not paper at all but a synthetic film that is used for many graphic applications. When paint is applied to Yupo, it tends to swim around creating all sorts of interesting swirls and puddles. You never know what you'll get when you paint on Yupo but the results are always fun.

I've managed to accumulate several sheets of Yupo from an experimental workshop I took years ago. Yesterday I decided to look around in my flatfile drawer and "discovered" the Yupo. I had almost forgotten how much fun it was until I started playing around with the Yupo and fluid Golden acrylics.

I cut the large sheets into 8.5"x11" pieces and started painting away. After a couple of hours, I had completed 14 "masterpieces". When I placed a mat on each one, I was really impressed with my efforts. That Yupo is does most of the painting!

This is one of the paintings. I'll be listing it and the other 13 on eBay for $45.00 each. I'll ship it out to you for free. All you need to do is buy a standard 11"x14" frame at your local Michael's and you're all set.

Keep an eye out for more new paintings!


Cecelia said...

Very interesting. I've not tried this paper yet. I was interested in reading about what you used on the paper. I guess the thing to do is to get some of this paper and experiment. Sounds like fun!
The painting you posted is really striking!

Unknown said...

Fil, it was such a treat visiting your studio and seeing your beautiful Yupo creations in person. They are really amazing.
Nancy and the fattypugs


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