Monday, June 9, 2008

Tomorrow's Dream

Tomorrow's Dream
Acrylic on Canvas

Every once in a while things just click in the studio. That's what happened last week when I painted Tomorrow's Dream.

I started the painting by washing in the undercolors with a natural sponge. I glazed thin layers of color, diluted with Golden Glazing Liquid, over the base color and let each layer dry slightly before applying more glazes. With a slightly damp sponge, I started to create texture by subtracting color with the sponge. Several layers of glazes down the road and the painting was finished.

I listed the painting on eBay and was pleasantly surprised that someone met the reserve price of $325.00 almost as soon as it was listed.

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Nancy Medina said...

Wow Fil - congrats on that quick sale. I can see why - it is just beautiful!
Nancy and the puggies

Cecelia said...

Enjoyed looking at your blog and reading about your processes. That's very intersting.
Good luck with your work!

Chandana Paravastu said...

nice work.may i plz add u to my blog roll:)

Filomena de Andrade Booth said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments about my painting!

Yes, Chandana, you can add me to your blog roll.



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