Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Art as an Investment

I've always heard that you should always buy the art you love, not solely as a possible future investment. Tonight's news featured an interesting piece about a woman who purchased a small painting at a very reasonable. The artist was "discovered" and now her modest purchase is worth a small fortune. I know this is the exception but still it's nice to know that the original Booth hanging on your wall may be worth a cool million someday. It's nice to dream!

Here is the link to As Investments Sink, Art Looks More Beautiful.

I'll be moving closer to my husband's work soon. Finding a new home with a great studio space was a major priority for me. I think we found the perfect home in China Spring, Texas. I'll miss all my great art gal pals but I know that I'll be just down the road a piece and will see them often. It'll be nice to get back into the studio again and back to painting everyday.

Here's the link to my website. I still have several pieces available. Contact me for more information.


MikeyRay said...

I let my plan slip away! I went to Europe on a whim last winter and found myself in some debt. I sent in my progress to my credit card company shortly after. I still check out your ebay listings once in awhile, and when I graduate this spring and get the big job (hopefully) I'll be looking more!
take care, thanks for following my blog!

Christine's Arts said...

Hi Filomena!
I like your abstract art style and so I am giving you a Passion for Painting Award. I hope you get back to posting soon so we can see more.


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