Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting back in the "Spirit"

Spirit Rising
30"x30"x.75" Acrylic/Mixed Media

It's been a bit hard for me to get back in the painting "groove" lately. There are just too many interruptions to deal with but I always feel good when I finish a new painting. I find that no matter what's going on around me, I absolutely need to spend time in the studio each day, even if it's just to write this blog. We all need a little "me" time and the studio is my hide-away!

I finished this painting a couple of days ago. It's the second of two "Spirit" paintings. Both paintings have similar compositions and are heavily textured. I love creating tactile paintings that invite you to run your fingers over the surface of the canvas.

I currently have this painting listed on Ebay with a reserve price of $250.00. I included lots of close-up shots to show as much detail and texture as possible.

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