Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Studio

I started a couple of new paintings yesterday, but as usual, too many interruptions ruined the mood. Anyway, I decided to take a few pictures of my new studio. The large windows overlook the field behind the house and the woods in the distance.

There is so much wildlife here in China Spring, Texas. Yesterday we found a little burrow in the middle of the front lawn. Five baby rabbits were curled up in the nest. One of the brave little fellows ran out and started running in circles. We caught him and tucked him back in with his nest mates. I checked them this morning but the nest is empty. Guess the bunnies are now on their own. Hope they stay away from the other animals that live in the area.

We also have a family of birds that decided to set up housekeeping in a lantern given to me by my daughter-in-law years ago. I hung it up in one of the trees over the deck, never thinking that it would make a great home for the little critters. But the one room, no bath apartment is just perfect for them. There are five hatchlings in there now. One poor little guy got evicted a couple of days ago. The others are a bit crowded in the nest and I hope they're able to fly soon and set up homes of their own. Here's a picture of one little hungry guy waiting to be fed.
I think I need to stop looking out the window so much and just concentrate on my painting from now on. But, nature is so fascinating...who can resist?


Judy Mackey said...

Hi Fil - what a beautiful studio you've got!! But you're right - sometimes it is hard to concentrate when so much life is just outside your window!!


Filomena de Andrade Booth said...

Thanks Judy!

You're right...but I think the little birdies are almost ready to fly the coop. Now I shouldn't have any excuses to not concentrate on my work.


Christine's Arts said...

envy is dripping from my paintbrush... lovely studio. I can see why it would be hard though to stay inside with that view.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Fil, have you died and gone to artist heaven? what a perfect studio and you are surrounded by so much natural beauty. But we miss you...
many hugs...

Filomena de Andrade Booth said...

Hi Nancy and Christine!!

Here I sit in this studio but still uninspired. Lately there have been so many distractions and interruptions that it makes it hard to concentrate on my art. Anyway, I think I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel - hope it's not a freight train!

Heaven? Hope so...someday.

Thanks all for the great comments.



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