Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Asian Memory

Asian Memory
Mixed Media on Canvas

I listed this painting on eBay a few days ago. I've had it sitting in my studio for a while and as usual, decided to take another look at it. It's a very textural piece, with a lot of collage work and even a skeletanized leaf. It really came to life when I sealed it with several coats of gloss varnish.

Although I've been selling alot of my work through eBay, their fees have really increased in the last couple of years. In order for my work to be seen, I usually list my new work as a "feature plus" and if it doesn't sell, I will list it in my eBay Store at a higher price - the same as my website prices.

A while back I "discovered" another excellent online art site - Boundless Gallery. I hope you will check this site out. It is exclusively for artists and is very easy to navigate. I notice that the quality of art on this site is highly professional and eliminates the need to sift through amatuer doodles that seem to clog up most of the listings on eBay. Purchasing art through Boundless is easy and without risk to the buyer. Hope you will check it out!

You can also purchase art directly from my website. If you need art work specific to your home or office, please contact me to learn how you may commission a painting.

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