Friday, February 1, 2008

Blog...what blog?

Mission II
Acrylic on Canvas

What a hectic week this has been! If it weren't for taking our parents to their doctor's appointments, I suppose I'd have no place to go. Not that I mind. I love that I'm able to help my parents and mother-in-law out at this stage of their lives. I can see that getting old is definately not for sissys!

All that aside, I miss most not being able to spend as much time in the studio as I would like. Any sort of interruption that takes me out of that environment causes great gaps in my creativity. The creative juices can't be turned on or off. They need to be gently nurtured and "aged", like a fine wine. My studio seems to be the only place where I can let new ideas form and speak to me. Somehow, standing at the kitchen sink or driving to an appointment does not seem condusive to communication with my muse.

I'm hoping that this coming week will be less stressful and hectic. Just checked my appointment on Monday morning. Looks like I'm off to a bad start already!

I just sold Mission II. It was one of three paintings I did last week in the same color palette as Electric Rain. It is available for sale now on eBay at a very low opening bid price.
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