Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Journey Home

The Journey Home
Acrylic on Canvas

I spent most of the day in my studio yesterday and completed this painting. Last week I stretched five canvases and was able to start painting on them. But, as the week wore on, I had to take time away from the studio because of all the interruptions I've been talking about. Anyway, I decided to tackle one of the paintings I had started. Because of the "down" time, I ended up going in a completely different direction than I had started out on.

I've been experimenting with various ways of applying paint to the canvas. I like to do alot of layering to create nuances in texture and color. Rather than apply the paint with a brush, I have been using anything that I find around the studio. Sponges, rollers, rags and scrapers are great tools to use to get color on the canvas. Many times the painting will begin to take on a "life of its own" and will dictate the direction to go in. I love when that happens! Other times, I need to get the old bucket of gesso out and start all over.

The unpredictability of the process is what makes it fun for me. This method of painting is spontaneous and totally intuitive.

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Kim said...

I really like this painting. Don't you think unpredictability is the best?

Thanks for sharing!


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