Sunday, August 9, 2009

Midnight Espresso

Midnight Espresso
Acrylic on Canvas

I admit this is a very strange title for this painting. Actually, I painted over another painting titled "Midnight Express". But being a little lazy, I decided to just change a couple of letters and give the painting a new name. The coffee colors in the painting somehow justified that for me.

This is a very textural painting. I started by slathering on thick layers of acrylic modeling paste and pressing various items into the wet medium to create texture. By sculpting the medium, I was able to establish the composition or "bones" of the painting. Once the canvas was dry, I started to apply the color layer by layer. Spattering with water before the paint set up revealed underlayers of color. As I continued to paint it reached the point of completion.

How do we know when a painting is finished? For me it's always been that point when any more work would not add to the finished product. Stepping back from the canvas usually reveals the moment to quit.

Midnight Espresso is available for sale through my website.


Nancy Medina said...

Beautiful Fil, another one to add to my list of favorites of yours!

Filomena de Andrade Booth said...

Thank you Nancy...miss meeting with all my art buddies!!


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