Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Way of the Pilgrim - Abstract Painting by Texas Contemporary Artist Filomena de Andrade Booth

The Way of the Pilgrim
Mixed media on canvas

I guess, that like most artists, I've accumulated tons of materials that can be incorporated into a painting.  This morning I decided to go through my "stash" and add some of them to this new painting.  Gold leaf and printed rice paper stood out and seemed to be just perfect for this heavily textured canvas.  After making some marks on the canvas to establish the composition, I started to wash in some color.  As I worked, I collaged the gold leaf and the printed paper.  I also decided to add some crackle paste, something that's been sitting on my shelf, but rarely used.  I slowly built up the surface of the painting with layer upon layer of glazed color until I finally decided that the painting was finished.  I sealed the canvas with several coats of acrylic varnish to enhance and bring out all the details that are "hidden" in the many layers of paint.

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Filomena de Andrade Booth
Texas Contemporary Abstract Artist

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